Prayer Partnership

Last Sunday: A lot of people were praying that a youth and his family would visit the neighboring church of El Bosque with Daniela and I last Sunday. The goal was to create deeper unity within the Iglesias de Cristo in Southern Santiago, and to introduce the youth to Mike Boyce (founder of Christian Restoration Bible Seminary), as our young friend has expressed a desire to study theology more. Praise God that even though his family was not able to attend, the young man decided to come anyway. And he brought his neighbor, another friend who has been attending the youth meetings. I’m thanking God for giving them the desire to come on their own. I believe it shows iniciative and a true desire to grow in their faith. Here’s a pic of the church worshipping together.IMG_1549

“Back At ya'” (pun intended)”: Praise God that I’ve been back at the exercises and on the go all week. It hurts, and there is definitely a problem, BUT I’ve been able to work through it this week. Tomorrow Pati and I are meeting with the Doc. again. Please pray with me that God helps me do the MOST I can do, the BEST way I can do it, in spite of the obstacle. 

Visa Express: This week Daniela and I worked hard to get a ton of documents ready to send in for my PERMANANT VISA! There has to be around 15 needed, but with my knowledge from the process last year and Dani’s understanding of Chilean procedures, we were able to knock out the process so much more quickly. Last year it probably took close to 40 hours with all of the line waiting and trying to figure out what all the legal “mumbo-jumbo” meant and this year it probably took 8. Needless to say, I’m VERY content to have made such progress in understanding Spanish and Chilean culture and legal procedures! 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be sending in the documentation today. Here’s a pic of me waiting in line for four hours to get a couple documents we needed. The blue dot was me and the “X” was the destination. Actually, it wasn’t really as bad as it could have been. There were hundreds of people behind me even, and Chile is pretty well developed compared to other countries. Praise God that he has helped us work through another step of getting set up for the long term. So far everything has gone very smoothly.

And that was with waking up at 4AM to get there two hours before they opened. No idea how long the line went, but Imagine that people were waiting double what I did. 😮

Institution of Slavery in Rome: I’ve also been practicing with the Logos Bible Software for a research paper. It’s been my first real run with research, using the complex program, and took me some extra time to figure out how to sift through the content, especially with my visual impairment. But, I have made a great deal of progress, learned how to change the robot voice to read to me faster and how to navigate through large quantities of text more quickly as I explored the importance of understanding how the foreign cultural concept of a human institution—slavery, was used to communicate a spiritual institution—grace.

Did you know that the words “redemption”, “justification”, and “reconciliation” are all terms from slavery? If these terms that have so much more a deeper meaning for us Christians today come from mere human customs, it seems that it is our responsibility to work out [our] salvation” by praying and meditating on the spiritual ideas that these earthly concepts were used to explain. SO COOL!!! 🙂

This weekend we’re hosting a dinner with games and hoping to be able to build our relationships with our local young friends. We also are planning on attending the local church of Capitán Thompson Sunday evening and I’m hoping for an opportunity to talk with Miguel—the pastor of the church on Capitán Thompson Street—to explain the theme of the current research paper, more, in hopes of sharing it with the church over several weeks as a Bible Study. 

All in all, it’s been a great week and there’s a lot to be thankful for. Please join us in your heart in thanking our Master. 🙂 

We, also, thank you for your prayer support.