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Mission Statement:

Testifying to the Gospel of Christ.


Pastoral and academic ministry for helping the spiritual and mental formation of Chilean brothers and sisters.

Ministries This Semester

  • Young Adult Bible Study: A gathering of young people at Iglesia de Cristo Capitán Thompson is a great opportunity to prayerfully look to Scripture for answers to the difficult questions in the life of a youth. The goal is to study practical topics and help brothers and sisters to come to their own critically thought out opinions on controversial topics based on the teaching of the bible and the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives as they pray.
  • Seminary at Johnson:  Studying part time while apply knowledge gained at the university on the field here in La Cisterna.
    • This semesters classes are concerned with performing healthy exegesis of the New Testament. The first is concerned only with criticisms of the context of the text (e.g. cultural, political, geographical … factors) that help us understand the reason the author wrote a text.
    • The second class focuses on helping students use the context, and literary devices and other hints in the text to understand the message of the author more profoundly, and to use prayer and other methods (we haven’t gotten that far yet 🙂 ) to develop an application for the text in our social setting or reality.

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